5 Ways to Dispose of an Old Car


Cars last a long time but eventually become too old to use. And like most people today, buying a new car is a necessity. But what do you do with the old car you’re no longer using? Perhaps leave it in your garage until you find time for disposal. Unfortunately, not everyone has free space to store an old car. What you can do is consider one of the various ways of car disposal. Most of these options are convenient, and some will get you some cash in return.

Sell your old car for a few bucks

We don’t mean looking for a new owner because that could take a while. What you need to do is look for companies that buy junk cars in Hollywood FL. These companies pay upfront cash regardless of your vehicle’s condition. It’s one of the fastest ways to dispose of your old car, plus have confidence that disposal is in the hands of professionals.

Donate your car

If you feel that your car still has a few miles left in it, you can consider donating it instead. A lot of people choose this option because there are additional benefits. First, you’re helping a charity. The organization you select will sell your car and put the funds to good use. The best part about donating is the tax deduction. Since you aren’t using the car anymore, what better way to dispose of it than to help a charity and get tax relief in return?

Bring the car to a recycling center

There are recycling centers that specialize only in vehicles. This option is perfect for run-down cars that no longer work. At an auto recycling place, they’ll salvage usable parts and scrap metal. Recycling is eco-friendly and depending on the car’s condition; you might get a decent pay-out. Many car parts, especially the glass, engine, and steel, are re-used. But in choosing a junkyard, make sure that they employ the best recycling practices, especially in disposing of toxic chemicals.

Consider a trade-in

This option is perfect if your car still has value. If you’ve kept the car in excellent condition, a car dealership may consider a trade-in so that you can purchase a new vehicle. Don’t waste the savings even if it’s only a few hundred dollars off your next car. Additionally, the dealership will take care of reselling the car for you.

Sell your car to a new owner

Selling your car isn’t always the best choice because you need to wait some time to find the right buyer. However, a well-loved vehicle that’s still in good condition would do well with a new owner. This option is ideal if the vehicle is vintage or has value. If you aren’t pressed for time and willing to wait until you get the best offer, considering posting an ad online.


Finding the perfect way to dispose of an old vehicle is a crucial decision. Take advantage of any opportunity to make some money. But, if the option involves recycling, make sure that the company practices ethical and eco-friendly disposal methods.

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