Five Reasons to Consider a New Car Paint Job


Most car owners delay auto paint repair because of money and time constraints. But, even a small peel of paint deserves attention as soon as possible. Delaying the paint job can lead to rusting in the flawed spots a few months down the road. Taking your car to an auto paint Repair shop in Shreveport will help you avoid this rusting. Don’t wait to get into an accident to get a new paint job. Below are some of the reasons to get your car painted:

Fading Paint

A new paint job can be necessary if your current paint job is fading. Fading can happen due to many reasons such as age and when you leave your vehicle out in the sun or cold for too long. The paint cannot stand prolonged exposure to harsh weather. Driving your car on the road for a while without washing it can lead to the buildup of dirt and grime that could wear away at the paint and cause it to fade. Waxing can protect against these factors.

You Met an Accident

A small road accident can result in more serious issues with your car later on. Although you will have to spend money on a new paint job, a small scratch can result in the paint bubbling and cracking. These issues can leave your car’s body vulnerable to rust that can develop in other areas. This can lead to deterioration all over the body of the car when left uncovered.

Your Car Has Scratches

Whatever the cause of your car’s deep scratches, you must cover these flaws to avoid further damage to your car’s body. This makes it important to contact your insurance after an accident that involves another driver. Although you can buff some small scratches away, if the scratches are too deep for buffing, you may need to consider a new paint job.

The Paint is Dull

Your car’s paint does not need to fade to be dull. Typically, dullness is caused by the clear coating rubbing off. You will know this is happening if your car will not shine like it used to despite polishing.

You Can Find Dents

These flaws can occur when you back up into a pole or when a hailstorm blows its way through and damage your car. When the metal is exposed by these dents, your car’s body will become vulnerable to further damage. These dents can be fixed without repainting. But, you will need to sand, hammer, smooth, and repaint the spot.

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