Legal Representation for Dealing with Car Accident Claims Works in Your Benefit


The rise in the number of car accidents is saddening. Though most of the accidents are minor and can be handled by the victims or their insurance company, the insurance companies work with attorneys and strive to reduce your compensation amount. If the accident is fatal and has more damages involved you could end up losing immense money by trying to deal with it alone.

If you were in a car accident it is best to contact an attorney to process insurance claims. Reach out to Cecere Santana for the best car accident lawyer in Plantation, Florida. Their team of dedicated and experienced lawyers would assist you in every step of the process and help you obtain the deserved compensation.

Why is it important to hire an attorney?

  • In-depth understanding of state-specific laws: A car accident attorney is well aware about the laws in your state including injury claims, limitations, comparative fault and consumer fraud. The attorney will know the legal issues that arise and relevant laws. You can save time researching about your rights.

  • Insurance claim: In the event of an accident you’ll have to approach the corresponding insurance provider. Though the process of filing a claim and receiving claims sounds simple on paper, it is tricky is reality. Your claim might be denied citing a number of reasons. An attorney knows how to improve your chance for approval.
  • Negotiating insurance settlements: Insurance companies offer a settlement to avoid getting caught up with lawsuit and to end the issue as soon as possible. Many a times the settlement offered isn’t a fair amount. An attorney can see through an unfair offer and does better negotiation.
  • Better evaluation of monetary compensation: It is challenging to evaluate the deserved monetary compensation by oneself. A lawyer has an eye for details since they have handled many similar cases and calculates both non-economic and economic damages. When you try to do it by yourself, you may arrive at a low sum.

How soon should I contact an attorney?

It is best to consult them at the earliest and avoid committing costly mistakes. There are deadlines to be met for filing claims for personal injuries. Getting their assistance within a week or two after the accident is recommend since the claims have to cover your medical expense and lost wages.

By trying to compensate by yourself you run the risk of losing more money. Getting the help of an attorney would boost the chances of a higher settlement.

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