The Classic Appeal of Citroen CX


Distinct, different and attractive, Citroen CX was launched in 1974 that became an epitome of luxury and surprise mostly distinguished for its curved windscreen. It was an appealing model that was extremely practical and functional. It had a streamlined body that focused on performance and desirable features. Its distinctive looks gave it good aerodynamics and it was one of its kind that features unconventional interior controls.

One of the most unique features of this car was its fingertip switchgear system. Car testers received it well, along with its rev counter and revolving drum speedometer. Later it came up with conventional features like electronic windows, ventilation and heating. The small boot lid instead of full hatch gave its structure an even better integrity. All in all, the car offered a wide range of specifications and options to choose from. Specifications are listed below and more info can be found in the Citroen CX workshop manual.

  • Engine: Citroen CX contains a pushrod engine derived from DS, that lasts as much as 250,000 miles with regular servicing. Its 2-litre Douvrin engine gave an impressive fuel economy, and performed similar to the CX2000.
  • Suspension: Suspension system of the car is incredibly engineered, which sends the steering absolutely straight even when you take away your hands from the wheel.
  • Handbrake: The handbrake is situated on the front having separate pads.
  • Hydraulics: The car uses LHM hydraulic fluid, which is a light oil that is waterproof. However, it should remain fluorescent green in color, and needs replacement when dirty.
  • Gears: You can the option to choose from manual gears that synchronize quickly and ensure smooth shifts. Semi-auto C-Matic gears are also quaint, while the ZF auto system is bulletproof. No CX had a combination of automatic transmission and turbocharged petrol engine in one model. Long-wheelbase cars had petrol engine while limousine had diesel.
  • Electronics: The car is also equipped with a wide range of electronic work, including speedometer, speed-sensitive power steering, electronic windows, etc.
  • Interior: Initially, cloth upholstery was used in most Citroen CX models, however they could be reupholstered and customized as per your preferences.

All in all, Citroen CX is a front-engine, big-size, front wheel drive car produced by Citroen between 1974 and 1991. It had a self-leveling, hydropneumatics suspension system and low drag coefficient that became popular as a last Citroen. After that, Citroen was taken over by Peugeot.


Citroen CX gained extreme popularity in European countries, but it was received well by some Latin American and Asian nations as well. In 1984, China bought 2,500 units of CX, and almost succeeded in grabbing the ‘large car’ agreement. After that, it would have become the most common car used in the People’s Republic. However, finally Shanghai Volkswagen got this award and allowed Citroen to enter their compact car market segment. Today, this company produces more than 700,000 vehicles every year.

From 1978 to 1984, Citroen assembled CX in their Arica, Chile facility in South America. Although it was a complex car to enter the American market, it showed good sale numbers during that time. It was also imported by South Africa and Australia. Due to their popularity it is easy to find Citroen car repair manuals online.

With distinct features and staunch following, Citroen CX is a classic that boasts of supreme practicality and easy drivability. Featuring some tricky parts and functions, it is an unconventional car that only increases in appeal over time. So, find a model that best suits your budget, and be a proud owner of something to show off.

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