When and Why to Use Enclosed Car Transport Option?


The common way to ship a car is an open carrier, but there are some situations when you need to choose an enclosed trailer. When you are protecting …….

  • Your investment – You never desire to ship a Mustang convertible in an open trailer unprotected.
  • From snow – If you need to ship in a harsh cold month, enclosed is the best bet.
  • From dirt, dust, rainfall, wind, and air pollution – For long-distance shipping needs.
  • An antique – It is worth, but you need to take extra care of it and ship it in a protected medium
  • An intangible reason like the peace of mind

These are great situations when you need to choose an enclosed trailer. Nonetheless, you will also need to book a reliable car shipper. For booking enclosed car transportShip a Car, Inc. is a great option. They have more than 3 decades of experience in shipping classic cars, old vehicles, antiques, sports cars, etc. The drivers are competent to transport your car in an enclosed trailer conveniently across a snowy terrain and extreme weather.

Enclosed trailer types

Single level 

  • For single cars
  • For multi-vehicles


  • It is a multi-cart trailer, where several cars get loaded and shipped.

Enclosed car transport benefits

Certain kinds of vehicles need specific attention and care. Classic, luxury, and sports car owners and dealerships look for the enclosed hauler. When a classic has undergone an expensive restoration or an exotic car got a costly paint job done, the dealers and owners desire to pay for extra protection. It ensures that their high-end beauties are protected from weather and roadside hazards. You can see such cars at the collector car shows, auctions, and events.

Peace of mind

The car arrives at the destination as clean as it was when it got loaded on the enclosed trailer. It gets full protection from the climate, traffic grime, and dust. The car looks spotless on delivery all ready to go on a long drive.

Low ground clearance

Cars with low ground clearance need racing ramps and hydraulic lift gates to load and unload. Professionals offer this service when you choose an enclosed carrier option.

Increased insurance coverage

High-end and exotic cars get shipped in an enclosed carrier instead of the regular models. If you want a car valued at more than $50,000, choose an enclosed trailer as your car gets more insurance coverage.

What’s the cost of an enclosed car shipping?

You can ask for a quote or check the shipping cost calculator to get an idea. The car transport rates get calculated using the following variables.

  • Open or enclosed transport option [the latter is expensive]
  • The final destination is a rural or metropolitan area
  • Your cars condition, size, and model
  • Destination distance
  • Season, for example – snowbird and holiday season can turn out to be costly

Avoid the temptation to drive your classic car on your own because it is stressful and adds miles. Your car even gets exposed to weather elements. It is also vulnerable to getting stolen as you stay overnight at a motel. Driving on the road late at night is risky. Therefore, your own safety also matters! Contact shippers!

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