Why Is the Ford Transit Worth Investing In?


For many lovers of the van life, the Ford Transit is one of the best vehicles on the road. In recent years, Ford has made an effort to develop this beloved model even further, making it one of the best medium vans on the market today.

There are many reasons why the Ford Transit, including models such as the Ford Transit Custom Sport DCIV, is worth leasing now, no matter your needs or plans for use. Here are some of them.

The Ford Transit Is Versatile

There are many reasons why you might need a van at home. Maybe you need it for work, to transport your large family to and from the shops, or to go on weekend adventures. The Ford Transit is versatile enough that it can serve any of these purposes.

Many adventure vans are too bulky for everyday use, and family minivans don’t always hold up to road trips over rougher terrain. The Ford Transit combines the best of both worlds for a van that can get work done during the week and accompany you on all your adventures on the weekend.

Enough Space for Everything (and Everyone)

Many vans don’t offer as much space as they promise or else compromise by skimping on seating. That is not the case with the Ford Transit.

The Ford Transit Custom Sport DCIV can seat five people in front of a fixed bulkhead, which is crucial for safety and improving the comfort of your ride. For a family excursion, this van is the best option to get everyone, your stuff, and even the dog, to where you need to go without worrying about cramped space or violating a few rules of the road regarding safe occupancy.

A Superior Driving Experience

Many people don’t enjoy driving vans due to their perceived instability, but the Ford Transit is a great choice, even for those who don’t have that much experience driving vans. Reviews say that the Ford Transit is much easier to steer than similar vans, allowing drivers to have a greater feeling of control.

Plus, on newer models, Ford has added features such as a lower suspension and an anti-roll bar to improve driver and passenger safety, both welcome features when there is never enough road safety.

If you’ve been thinking of leasing a van, a custom Ford Transit is one of the best choices.

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