Why Should You Be Concerned about Car Window Tinting?


Many car manufacturers install a factory tint on the car windows and is usually done on the rear one. This very factory tint is merely a dying done on the glass. And when it comes to the front window, the top part of the window is tinted to reflect the glare of the sun. After a few years, window tinting became application of film to the interior of the windows. There are many DIY kits available, but know that once it gets wrong, it becomes messy. Hence, this job must only be done by a professional of an auto glass tint company in Tucson. Window tinting done on a car eliminates the VLT or Visible Light Transference and it comes in graded on the percentage of light that is transferred. The lower the percentage, the darker would be the tint.

Levels of window tinting

The method preferable for window tinting a car is partially ascertained by how dark the tint of the car should be. Every method comes with a different Visible Light Transference or VLT. The method the driver selects is determined by factors like reasons for getting the car window tinted, the percentage of VLT eligible in their state etc.

Here are the levels of window tinting:

  1. Factory tint

The VLT of this tint ranges from 74 to 85 percent on the basis of where the car was originally shipped for sale. This tint is applied by dying the glass, before it is sold.

  1. OEM tint

This tint can be applied to be on any VLT but the applicable laws of the state must be considered before ordering this. OEM tint is basically an upgrade that is usually done in the European countries. This tint is applied by adding a certain mixture to the glass when it is manufactured.

  1. Film tint

This tint can be bought with a VLT of more than 90 percent or as low as 2.5 percent. This tint must always be applied by a professional.

Importance of car window tinting

Window tinting may or may not be helpful when reselling the vehicle. It is determined on the basis of when the tint is done or done early enough in the ownership of the car in order to protect the interior. This is deemed the main consideration when a used vehicle needs to be purchased. It is also determined on the basis of the legal status of the tint in the state where the owner lives in. The method used to tint the windows is another factor to consider. If the DIY has gone messy, the resale goes in vain. Hence, it is all about the owner’s personal preference.

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